Sodium Diacetate(SDA)


Molecular Formula:C4H7NaO4·XH2O  Mo1ecular Weight:142.09 (Anhydrous)

International Standard:FCC IVand FAO/WHO Standard.

Chinese Food Additive Assortment Code:  GB2760-96 (17-13)

Character: White crystal with acid tasteeasy moisture and quickly dissolved in waterdecomposed when over 150.

Specification: Food Grade and Industry Grade (used for fodder)

Quality : Conform toQ/320928YHG 020-2000 Equivalent toFCC IVStandard.

Application: It is high effective additive which is used for antisepsis, antimildew, keep fresh, increase nutritious value, regulate PH value, and flavor.   Also widely used in food, fodder, medicine, cosmetics fields and etc.

Quality index :


Food Grade

Free Acetic Acid

39.0~41.0 %

Sodium Acetate


PH (10%Water solution)




Oxidizable Substances

   (As formic Acid)   


Arsenic (As)


Heavy Metal (Pb)


Transportation: Keep away form water, moisture and sun. Store in dry and shade warehouse. Keep package completely, and avoid poisonous pollution. Never store with easy oxidized materials, neither can be loaded or transferred with poisonous objects.

Storage: Under usual temperature of lower 40 , sealed ,  under shade and  waterproof environment.

Packing:  In paper-plastic multiple bags lined with polythene bags of 25kg net each.